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PnP TerrainCreator PlugIn-SDK

You can help making PnP TerrainCreator even better!

All you need is some basic knowledge in C++, a C++ compiler and some good ideas for improvements.

The extensive PlugIn system of PnP TerrainCreator with its ability to customize every major function of the program, gives you the possibility to extend PnP TerrainCreator exactly to your needs.

Key Features

Feature Import/Export Filters:
Create export filters to export every bit of your terrain created with PnP TerrainCreator into your own or any other 3rd party file formats. Create import filters to load a terrain from any data source you can imagine.
Feature Heightmap Filter Functions:
Create your own filter functions to make height map editing even more efficient and the terrain even more realistic. You can affect the height map in every way you can think of.
Feature Support for your own File Formats:
Use your own file formats and rendering engines for 3d static objects, textures, sounds and vegetation.
Feature Randomization, Generation:
Create and test your own randomization algorithms for automated height map creation, vegetation distribution and terrain texturing. (generator plugin support for vegetation and texturing is coming soon)
Feature Falloff Effects:
Define your own way of how the users' height map manipulations affect the surrounding height map elements.
Feature Physic Simulations:
Test and adapt your terrain online with the integrated physics simulation. You can for example create a plugin for you game physics and test the behaviour of the game's actors while you model your terrain.

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