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First Video Tutorial Released
Version 1.2.2 released
New SDK version released
New Wiki System
Updated Forum
Support for the PlugIn-SDK

We want you to make good progress creating your PlugIns!

If you need help please take a look at our FAQ first. The most common questions getting started with the SDK and the most commen problems will be answered there.

You should then use our Developer-Forum and get in contact with other PnP TerrainCreator PlugIn developers. This forum will be moderated by the developers of PnP TerrainCreator and this SDK. So you will surely get competent help there within usually just a few hours.

Of course you can alternatively send an eMail to if you are in need of a very specific problem solving.


If you encounter any bugs within the SDK please send an eMail to or post it in our Developer-Forum to the Bugreport-Board.

2017-10-30 , 11:50:26 am
2017-02-24 , 06:27:29 am
3D Edit Multiple Sectors?
2017-02-06 , 07:30:51 pm
LightMap Creation Dialog don't open on Windows 10 ?
2016-06-01 , 04:51:18 pm
Exporter Plugin for Realm Crafter (screens)
2016-01-19 , 11:21:17 pm
Automated Terrain Texturing crashes

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