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Version: 1.0
2015-05-01 , 03:35:08 pm
This package contains 4 tree and 6 grass files (x-file format) created with Aliencodec's TreemagikG3 and PlantLife. They can be used with the standard vegetation PlugIn of PnP-TC.

A preview of the vegetation files contained in this package can be found here.

1. Download and save this setup file to your harddisk
2. Execute it and install it directly into the project directory of your terrain (NOT into the vegetation directory)
3. When opening the terrain project the next time, the trees and grasses of this package will be available

More vegetation files
Standard users can download a second vegetation package with 10 tree and 17 grass files. See a preview here.

Important information
The files in this package can freely be used within PnP TerrainCreator but they may not be redistributed in any way without purchasing a license of TreemagikG3 and/or PlantLife from Aliencodec.
By downloading the vegetation package you accept this restriction.


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