First Video Tutorial Released
Version 1.2.2 released
New SDK version released
New Wiki System
Updated Forum
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2009-02-08 - First Video Tutorial Released
We are very proud to announce our first video tutorial covering the basics of PnP TerrainCreator.

The video is available in the tutorials section of our and as high resolution, high quality video in our .

by Ralf

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2009-02-07 - Version 1.2.2 released
Today we released a new version of PnP TerrainCreator, which comes with a new ogre scene exporter, improved 3d game studio exporter, user defined resource directories, and some further improvements and bug fixes.

Click here for the changelog.

by Ralf

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2009-02-07 - New SDK version released
With the new version of the PlugIn SDK released today we added an ogre scene exporter and lot of small improvements.

These features will be available from version 1.2.2 of PnP TerrainCreator upwards.

by Ralf

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2009-01-20 - New Wiki System
Today we added a wiki system to our website at:

We will collect all relevant program information like manuals, tutorials, tips and tricks, and links to terrain mapping resources in this wiki. Furthermore, over time we will also describe programming techniques for 3D terrain rendering there.

You are invited to participate in further developing this wiki to a valuable resource for all kinds of 3D terrain mapping and rendering questions.

by Ralf

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2008-10-29 - Updated Forum
Today we updated our forum software to the latest version of phpbb.

by Ralf

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