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PnP TerrainCreator as Modding Tool

Modding editions of PnP TerrainCreator can be used to create and export maps especially for one game or game engine. We call these editions PnP TerrainCreator MOD. These editions can be distributed freely with the released game or engine. This way, your end users have all the possibilities to build new maps for your game.

How does this work?
The MOD editions are restricted to those functionalities which are required/supported by the target engine. All other features are deactivated. Furthermore, all PlugIns are directly integrated into the executable and the PlugIn interface is deactivated. This way it can be ensured that the MOD edition is only used for this specific target engine.

How much does it cost?
This depends on the project in which the MOD edition will be used. Costs and all royalty and distribution conditions are unique for every customer. In general the end user will get the MOD edition for free.

How can we get started?
Simply write a mail at and we can clarify all the details.

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