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First Video Tutorial Released
Version 1.2.2 released
New SDK version released
New Wiki System
Updated Forum
PnP TerrainCreator Features

Base functionality
- Large scale terrain sector management
- 2D heightmap editing
- 3D heightmap editing
Heightmap editing
- Customizable fall-off effects
- Customizable heightmap filters
- Automated heightmap generation
Terrain texturing
- Many supported texture file formats
- Support for splatted and texturemap terrain texturing
- Manual terrain texturing
- Automated terrain texturing
- Lightmap creation
Object placements
- Many supported mesh file formats for object placements read more
- Placing objects on the terrain in 3D read more
Terrain vegetation
- Many supported mesh file formats for tree and grass placements read more
- Placing trees on the terrain in 2D read more
- Placing trees on the terrain in 3D read more
- Spraying forests on the terrain in 2D/3D read more
- Spraying grass coverage on the terrain 3D read more
- Automated vegetation coverage generation read more
- Userdefined water definitions read more
- Ground water level settings in 2D and 3D read more
Environmental sounds
- Many supported sound file formats
- Placing environmental sounds sources on the terrain in 2D and 3D
- Sophisticated environmental sound playback dependency functions
- Random sound placement playback area
- 3D environmental sound simulation
Import/export capabilities
- Many supported terrain import formats read more
- Many supported terrain export formats read more
Additional features
- Removing terrain faces (holes) read more
- Terrain sector documentation
- Terrain annotations
- Support for pressure sensitive pen tablets read more
- Support for Spacemouse read more
- User defined properties
- Object/mesh conversion during export read more
- Physics simulation read more

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