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2D Tree Placements

You can place trees everywhere on the terrain. In the tree manager, all available trees can be categorized freely and intuitively. You can make new trees available to your terrain by simply copying the object/mesh files into the terrain's trees directory.

The following additional features are available for tree placements in order to facilitate an effective mapping process:
  • multi tree selection
  • cast shadows on lightmap
  • snap-to-grid
  • flatten the ground below an object
2d tree placements

3D Tree Placements

In 3D view mode you have the full control over the vegetation of your terrain. All trees on the terrain can be moved and rotated freely and interactively in 3D.

With just a few mouse clicks new trees are added and scaled and positioned correctly on the terrain.
3d tree placements

Spraying Forests

The definition of forests is a way to easily and efficiently create a large scale tree distribution on your terrain. You can specify the density of your forests, which trees will be used, and which probability each tree has in the forest.

After the forests are defined, they can be sprayed manually on the terrain surface in 2D and 3D view mode.

Spraying Grass Coverage

The grass coverage of a terrain is defined by means of a grass coverage density map. This means, grasses are not put as single grass placements onto the terrain but instead sprayed with a density attribute onto the terrain surface.

In the grass manager, all available grasses can be categorized freely and intuitively. You can make new grasses available to your terrain by simply copying the object/mesh files into the terrain's grasses directory.

Automated Generation of Vegetation Coverage

For every grass and tree definition one can set parameters for an automated vegetation coverage generation. Parameters like the slope, the height, and the texture of the terrain surface can be used to control this automated generation process.
automated vegetation

Supported Object/Mesh Formats

Currently PnP TerrainCreator supports the following mesh file formats to be used for trees and grasses:
  • .dae (Collada)
  • .3ds (3D Studio)
  • .b3d (Blitz)
  • .obj (Wavefront)
  • .x (DirectX)
We continuously add new mesh formats to this list. And with our PlugIn-SDK one can easily add support for own or additional 3rd party mesh formats.
As textures the following bitmap file formats are supported: .bmp, .png, .jpg, .gif, .dds, .dip, .hdr

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