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PnP TerrainCreator

Efficient, Universal, Tremendous, and more ....

Efficient Terrain Creation !

PnP TerrainCreator's build in capabilities enable the creation of realistic heightmap based terrains within the shortest time.
Automated/Randomized Terrain Generation:
Let PnP TerrainCreator automatically generate your whole terrain with one single click. Heightmaps, surface textures and the distribution of the terrain's vegetation can be automated in this way. You only have to set a few parameters and PnP TerrainCreator does all the rest for you. You can use the standard algorithms provided by PnP TerrainCreator or even implement and test your own ones.
Efficiency utilizing Filters:
Powerful and extensible filter functions for randomization, smoothing and all other hightmap manipulations you can imagine enable the editing of large areas with only little user interaction.

How Universal would you like Terrain Creation to be ?

PnP TerrainCreator integrates all design issues of professional large scale terrain creation into one single tool.
Interactive Heightmap Editing:
Do you want to have the absolute control over every single heightmap element or do you want to manipulate large areas with just a few user interactions. PnP TerrainCreator's falloff effect and filter mechanism makes all this possible.
Interactive Surface Texturing:
Besides its automated terrain texturing functions PnP TerrainCreator allows you to manually texture your terrain. As easy as the use of a brush in common painting programs you can simply sweep the mouse over your terrain to apply every texture you want to.
Terrain Vegetation: read more
Vegetation is the key to a realistic terrain appearance. With PnP TerrainCreator you can place all kinds of trees, plants and even grass onto your terrain.
Seas and Oceans: read more
With only a few clicks you create the nicest lakes and deepest oceans.
Static Objects: read more
Place static 3d objects like stones, bridges, buildings everywhere on your terrain.
Environmental Sounds:
Place environmental sounds you want to hear when walking through your terrain. The sound of rolling ocean waves, birds and everything you like. You have the complete control over rigid and random play lists, random sound positioning, sound triggers and more.
Import/Export: read more
You can export the created terrain into many different heightmap and mesh file formats. The import of a terrain from common heightmap file formats is of course also possible. Mesh files for the use as static and vegetation objects can be imported from common file formats too.
But that's not all. PnP TerrainCreator comes with an extensive PlugIn system enabling you to use any type of input format for sounds, textures, 3d objects, vegetation and the terrain itself. You can of course export every bit of your terrain into your own file formats using PnP TerrainCreator's PlugIn SDK.
Many more features like rivers, roads, railways are planned and will be added in the future. Take a look at our planned feature list.

Think Tremendous !

The size of the terrains you can create with PnP TerrainCreator is limited only by the amount of available disk space.
Create really Huge Terrains:
For the Professional-Edition of PnP TerrainCreator there are almost no limitations to the terrain size. The whole terrain is divided into small sectors. When editing one sector PnP TerrainCreator takes care of a steady transition to the surrounding sectors.
Multiuser Terrain Creation:
For high end users a client/server version of the PnP TerrainCreator is available. This versions allows an arbitrary number of mappers to work simultaneously at the same terrain. The server takes care of the users editing rights and manages read/write locks.

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