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First Video Tutorial Released
Version 1.2.2 released
New SDK version released
New Wiki System
Updated Forum
Planned Features

Planned for the next release
Adapt object orientation to terrain surface orientation
Filter editmode in 2D
Flatten terrain surface below object placement
Highlight objects and trees with mouse over
Poly reduction for mesh exporters
Support for collada as objects, trees, and grasses
Support for pressure sensitive graphic tablets
Support for SpaceMouse 3D navigation and object positioning
Whole terrain import

Planned for later releases
Adapt grass orientation to terrain surface orientation
Add a scaling heightmap filter
Add grouping of object placements
Batch processing for lightmap / texturemap generation
Creating/editing of railways
Creating/editing of roads
Displaying and interactively setting the sun's and moon's position
Displaying/editing surrounding sectors in 2D
Efficient placement of concatenated objects (like fences and power lines)
Export into collada format.
Exporter for DEM files
Exporter for mdl, md2, and md5 file formats
Exporter for Microsoft Flight Simulator
Exporter for OGRE scene format
Exporter for Terragen files
Falloff effect with smooth transition at both ends of the working space
Importer for DEM files
Importer for Microsoft Flight Simulator
Importer for Terragen files
Improved automated heightmap generation
Improved automated texture map generation
Renaming of textures, objects, ....
Sector copy
Support for mdl, md2, md5, and ogre mesh as objects, trees, and grasses
Vertex coloring
Water edit mode for rivers
Water edit mode for seas

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