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Release Notes

Version 1.2.2 (Feb 07, 2009)
Changes/New features (7):
- Added more intuitive vista style task dialog when a terrain or sector is about to be closed, which was not yet saved.
- Added possibility to store settings in auto texturing dialog.
- Improved splatting export to 3D Game Studio exporter
- Added online help system to terrain properties/creation dialog.
- Added possibility to specify user defined resource directories for textures, objects, vegetation files, and sounds.
- Added support for Ogre mesh.xml files for static objects, trees, and grasses.
- Added Ogre DotScene exporter.
Bugfixes (4):
- Fixed bug #B00053 texture transition is rendered too dark if ambient light is brighter than the diffuse light.
- Fixed bug #B00052 some problems when not executed with administrative rights (especially under Vista)
- Fixed bug #B00051 heightmap changes in surrounding sectors can not be undone in some situations.
- Fixed bug #B00050 3D sound not played correctly on some system configurations.

Version 1.2.1 (Oct 17, 2008)
Changes/New features (10):
- Added new export options to texture splatting alphamap exporter (border pixel, scaling, multi channel (RGB + RGBA) support).
- Added support for Quake .mdl and .md2 mesh files for static objects, trees, and grasses.
- It is now possible to specify whether one or two border pixels are exported in all texturemap exporters.
- Normal map exporter now exports border pixels for a smooth transition between patches.
- Object dragging with the coordinate system axes in 3D view now works correctly.
- Added .tga, .pnm, .raw, .sgi, and .pcx as supported bitmap export formats.
- Added texturemap and texture splatting export to 3D Game Studio .hmp exporter.
- Improved quality of 3D preview rendering (within objects and vegetation managers).
- Added 3D preview in objects and vegetation tool dialogs.
- Added editing settings to 3D objects and trees.
Bugfixes (3):
- Fixed bug #B00049 some times crashing when using the object/tree manager if a sector is opened for detail editing at the same time.
- Fixed bug #B00048 corrected terrain scaling for 3D GameStudio .hmp export.
- Fixed bug #B00047 SpaceMouse height over ground change not working correctly in 1st-person flight mode.

Version 1.2 (Aug 23, 2008)
Changes/New features (34):
- Added precise picking of objects and trees for all file formats (in earlier versions only .x files supported precise picking)
- Added multi object selection for trees, objects, and sounds.
- Added snap-to-grid functionality for trees and objects..
- Full Windows Vista support.
- New camera flight mode called straight flight.
- Activated the filter editmode for 2D view mode.
- Mesh exporter can now specify the size of the exported texture maps.
- Added user configurable keyboard settings.
- Added vertex reduction to all mesh exporters.
- The template based scene exporter can now export lightmap, use power-of-2 textures, and can iterate through the exported patches of a sector.
- Added support for collada mesh files as objects, trees, and grasses.
- Added a 3D Game Studio exporter.
- Improved some material issues for object/mesh file loading.
- Restructured object, texture, and vegetation manager which can now use an arbitrary number of sub directories to organize the resource files.
- More efficient whole terrain export.
- L3dt importer can now import textures.
- Added support for pressure sensitive graphics tablets.
- Objects, trees, and grasses are still recognized correctly if file extension is missing; so one can change the import format of objects easily.
- Added object name for object placements.
- Increased 3D viewing distance.
- Objects, trees, and grasses can now have individual global scales.
- Tool windows now work a lot better: easier scrolling and less flickering.
- New and better working coordinate system for dragging and rotation objects in 3D.
- New tool window structure with categorization and special info tool dialogs.
- Added a scale reference object.
- Added redo functionality.
- New user interface skin.
- Improved mouse interaction (rotate, move) in 3D viewport.
- Added customization of main window layout.
- Added PlugIn manager, with the possibility to prevent PlugIns from being loaded.
- Added user defined data elements.
- Added comments to texture, tree, and grass definitions.
- Added space mouse support for camera motion and 3D object interaction.
- Automated tree and grass coverage creation can now be undone.
Bugfixes (9):
- Fixed bug #B00046 2d tools, sound placements, and object selection not correctly drawn on Windows Vista.
- Fixed bug #B00045 visible seams for exported textures and lightmaps with a patch size of 64 and using power-of-2 textures.
- Fixed bug #B00044 crash during multi sector terrain export.
- Fixed bug #B00043 problem with duplicated IDs after copying object, tree, and sound placements.
- Fixed bug #B00042 wrong loaded lightmap definition colors.
- Fixed bug #B00041 crash during lightmap creation.
- Fixed bug #B00040 wrong 2D water rendering, if sector overwrites terrain definition and not water definition is applied.
- Fixed bug #B00039 too bright texture transitions if dynamic lighting is used.
- Fixed bug #B00038 system identification for Standard and Professional Edition not working, if user does not have admin rights.

Version (Feb 13, 2007)
Changes/New features (2):
- Added import possibility of terrain texturing.
- Added whole terrain import functionality.
Bugfixes (2):
- Fixed bug #B00037 2D heightmap display is not updated (always black) for newly created terrains.
- Fixed bug #B00036 water surface vanishing in 3D view if a static object is selected.

Version 1.1.10 (Jan 15, 2007)
Changes/New features (18):
- Added ground water definition and rendering.
- Added grass export plugins.
- Added support for .3ds and .b3d files as static objects, trees, and grasses.
- Added an "disable backface culling" option to the vegetation renderer.
- Added possibility to invert exported lightmaps.
- Added separated settings for the scaling factor, up rotation, and flip axis of grasses and trees.
- All exported textures can now be flipped vertically.
- Better readable menu colors.
- Different tree colors in 2D display.
- Sound placements of surrounding sectors can now be viewed and edited in 3D.
- Improved editing capabilities of sound placements in 3D.
- Activated the 3D environmental sound simulation.
- Added full-scale, size+1, and flip-y option to RAW export.
- Added possibility to flip objects, trees, and grasses along one axis.
- Added possibility to make terrain quads invisible (holes in the terrain).
- The program now requires DirectX 9C.
- The program now requires a graphics card which supports vertex and pixel shaders.
- Larger redesigns of internal data structures (Lower RAM usage, faster loading of sectors, faster set-up of 3D scene, faster rendering on graphics card with small RAM size).
Bugfixes (7):
- Fixed bug #B00035 terrain vanishing at some viewer positions/orientations in 3D view.
- Fixed bug #B00034 vertical grass position was not update in 3D view when the terrain height below the grass was changed.
- Fixed bug #B00033 artefacts of the rendered terrain surface at the horizon.
- Fixed bug #B00032 objects and vegetation sometimes not saved correctly for surrounding sectors.
- Fixed bug #B00031 corrupted raw heightmap export, when exporting the whole terrain into one file using other data types than float.
- Fixed bug #B00030 crashing when showing comments in 3D.
- Fixed bug #B00029 crashing during auto texturing.

Version (Feb 06, 2006)
Bugfixes (3):
- Fixed bug #B00028 The "no black textures" option of the "texture splatting alphamap" exporter was not working correctly, when exporting the whole terrain to one file.
- Fixed bug #B00027 When turning of the grid display in 3D mode, while the unwrap texture is displayed, the terrain is rendered white.
- Fixed bug #B00026 Again: texturing edit mode crashing when using texturemaps under some system configurations.

Version (Feb 02, 2006)
Bugfixes (1):
- Fixed bug #B00025 Texturing edit mode crashing under some system configurations.

Version 1.1.9 (Feb 02, 2006)
Changes/New features (13):
- Changed the file extension of ogre mesh exporter to .mesh.xml.
- Added possibility to enter (and export) textual comments for object and tree placements.
- Lightmaps can now integrate shadows from static objects and trees.
- Added possibility to combine lightmaps with exported texture maps.
- Improved loading of .obj files with more than one material definition.
- Added lightmap export to all mesh exporters.
- Added noise overlay texture export to ogre .mesh.xml mesh exporter.
- First release of the Professional Edition.
- Added textual comments to sectors (Professional Edition only).
- Added comment placements (Professional Edition only).
- Tool windows can now be displayed in two columns.
- Texture maps and light maps can now be created with up to 16 pixel per height map element.
- Improved quality of texture map creation.
Bugfixes (2):
- Fixed bug #B00024 Copy/Paste of objects and trees in 3D not working correctly for terrains with a horizontal scaling different from 1.
- Fixed bug #B00023 Scaling factor of ogre mesh exporter was not working.

Version 1.1.8 (Nov 07, 2005)
Changes/New features (30):
- Added horizontal scaling factor (user defined heightmap element size).
- Added the possibility for smaller sectors (256x256, 512x512 and 1024x1024).
- All exporter PlugIns now have the ability to create smaller patches of a sector.
- Added grouping of exporter PlugIns in selection dialog.
- Added 3D texture picking.
- Added tree preview in forest definition.
- Improved object/tree/sound positioning and orientation possibilities.
- Added possibility to use userdefined overlay textures.
- Added sector import functionality (RAW, HFF (L3DT) and Bitmap files).
- Added .obj support within vegetation manager.
- Added .obj support within object manager.
- Added support for more bitmap export formats (jpg, png, dds, dib, hdr).
- Sped up rendering performance of object and vegetation manager PlugIns (added texture resource manager).
- Added real value scaling factor for mesh exporters (x, obj, 3ds, b3d).
- Added crash reporting system.
- Added a template based scene exporter (Crystal Space 3D).
- The bitmap and heightmap exporter are now capable to combine the whole terrain into one file (if it isn't too large).
- Added lightmap export capabilities.
- Added welcome screen.
- Added sky rendering system (sky box, sky dome, sky sphere).
- Added CrystalSpace object manager PlugIn.
- All mesh exporters (x, obj, 3ds, b3d) can now optionally use Z as up axis.
- All mesh exporters (x, obj, 3ds, b3d) can now optionally position the sectors globally.
- Added normalmap exporter.
- Added Ogre XML mesh terrain exporter.
- Added possibility to load texture, object and vegetation files directly from their root directory without the need to create category folders.
- Added new scene management core with improved rendering performance.
- Added grass editing mode.
- Added support for the 3dsmax restrictions on entitiy namings within .3ds files.
- Added 'First Steps' tutorial.
Bugfixes (7):
- Fixed bug #B00022 Wrong texture map creation for surrounding sectors.
- Fixed bug #B00021 Wrong terrain texturing if new texture files are added.
- Fixed bug #B00020 In some situations object/tree placements where not adapted to terrain height changes.
- Fixed bug #B00019 Filter execution in some situations freezes the program.
- Fixed bug #B00018 Editing of surrounding sectors in 3D sometimes failes.
- Fixed bug #B00017 2D map scrolling with space key not working in sound and vegetation mode.
- Fixed bug #B00016 3D navigation map not updated with sector change.

Version 1.1.7 (Jul 03, 2005)
Changes/New features (24):
- Improved forest definition and tree spray tool.
- Added capability for wind effects to vegetation PlugIns.
- Increased the number of static object placements to 100 for the Standard Edition.
- Height over ground (or below ground) of trees can now be changed.
- Reference point of static objects can now be moved below terrain surface.
- Improved 3D movement and navigation mode.
- Added terrain resizing possibility (standard edition required).
- Improved flatten filter PlugIn.
- Added userdefined distance fog.
- Added physic simulation.
- Added texture map to bitmap exporter.
- Added texture splatting alphamap exporter.
- Increased maximum brush size to 60.
- Added slope display to info tool window.
- Added adaption of ground textures when surface height/slope changes.
- Increased the maximum number of sectors for the standard edition to 6x6.
- Exporter PlugIns store their last settings and export path.
- Faster texture undo.
- Added zoom functionality to 3D previews in object and tree manager.
- Improved and extended settings dialog.
- Added automated tree placement generation.
- Added new scroll mode for 2D map.
- Added an obj exporter PlugIn.
- Added a 3ds exporter PlugIn.
Bugfixes (4):
- Fixed bug #B00015 TC forgetting license information.
- Fixed bug #B00014 Incorrect slope transition for large brush sizes.
- Fixed bug #B00013 Error in texture mode when running with DirectX debug runtimes.
- Fixed bug #B00012 The first lightmap created can not be deleted.

Version 1.1.6 (Apr 06, 2005)
Changes/New features (6):
- Added a b3d exporter PlugIn.
- Added the creation of lightmaps.
- Added automated/randomized texturing.
- Added texture blending.
- Added texture map.
- Improved the mesh exporter PlugIns (x and b3d) to export terrain textures.
Bugfixes (2):
- Fixed bug #B00011 PnP-TC crashing when failing to instantiate corrupt texture files.
- Fixed bug #B00010 PnP-TC crashing when running with DX debug runtimes and "break on D3D error" (see forum post)

Version 1.1.5 (Jan 20, 2005)
Changes/New features (5):
- Object and tree placements of surrounding sectors can be seen and edited within 3D view.
- The visible heightmap of surrounding sectors can now be edited in 3D view.
- Unlimited heightmap editing range in 3D view.
- Added falloff effects for extended and more intuitive heightmap editing.
- Added an additional squared tool shape to the existing round one.
Bugfixes (1):
- Fixed issue #I00003 visualization (sizing and positioning) problems on displays with higher DPIs or when large system fonts (120dpi) are used.

Version (Dec 16, 2004)
Bugfixes (1):
- Fixed bug #B00009 the positions of trees were not updated when the terrain height below them changes.

Version 1.1.4 (Dec 13, 2004)
Changes/New features (5):
- Added bitmap importer (separate download).
- Added x-file exporter.
- Added support for older graphics hardware and a software rendering fallback option for graphics cards without hardware 3D acceleration.
- Added support for Win 98/ME systems.
- Added vegetation edit mode.
Bugfixes (3):
- Fixed issue #I00002 lost D3D device will not be resetted correctly after another application (screensaver for example) locked that device exclusively for fullscreen mode.
- Fixed issue #I00001 grayscale bitmap export of single sectors does not use the full grayscale range from black to white.
- Fixed bug #B00008 TC crashing sometimes when leaving the texture manager while in 3D view mode.

Version 1.1.3 (Nov 07, 2004)
Changes/New features (11):
- Object placements of objects no longer available from the object manager can be removed automatically from the sector.
- Added a function to remove all sound/object placements of one sector.
- Added shortcuts (q/a) to increment/decrement the tool size.
- Speed of 3D movements can be set manually.
- Added an unwrap texture for heightmap editing.
- Improved quality of average filter.
- Added a new edge/form preserving smoothning filter (median).
- Improved the quality of the diamond-square heightmap generator PlugIn.
- Improved navigation controls.
- Filters can be applied to a whole sector with one click.
- New and more intuitive movement mode for 3D object and sound placements.
Bugfixes (3):
- Fixed bug #B00007 unsteady transitions between neighboring sectors.
- Fixed bug #B00006 never ending error messages when clicking left or right mouse button while in rotation mode.
- Fixed bug #B00005 TC crashing when opening two terrain projects at the same time.
Known issues (1):
- #I00001: See release notes of version 1.1.1

Version 1.1.2 (Oct 23, 2004)
Changes/New features (4):
- Color coded 3D height map view.
- Lowered prerequisits by going back to DirectX 9b.
- Improved the Raise/Drop filter by adding a subsequent averaging step.
- Added the terrain export functionality.
Bugfixes (2):
- Fixed bug #B00004 Moved texture files not updated correctly within the texture manager.
- Fixed bug #B00003 3D selection object not displayed correctly at north and east terrain border.
Known issues (1):
- #I00001: See release notes of version 1.1.1

Version 1.1.1 (Oct 03, 2004)
Changes/New features (1):
- Added up/down sliders behind all numerical text fields.
Bugfixes (2):
- Fixed bug #B00002 not displaying texture preview correctly under some circumstances.
- Fixed bug #B00001 not resetting material settings for 3D static objects correctly.
Known issues (1):
- #I00001: A lost D3D device will not be resetted correctly after another application (screensaver for example) locked that device exclusively for fullscreen mode.

Version 1.1.0 (Sep 30, 2004)
- First release.

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